Atre Group, Inc’s  Middle Name is Data. It is a leading Big Data  Management/Business Intelligence services company. Our specialty is Business Analytics providing our customers insights with Predictive Analytics.  We also advise about the necessary skills to be successful in Big Data projects and teach at the organizations the Big Data Skills.

Our data experts stand out in the industry with their expertise with the worldwide customer base. They have worked in various industries and bring a plethora of expertise which is data based but more so various industries based. They know the technologies from the mobile phone to terabytes of behemoths of hardware.

Atre Group, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Shaku Atre, and has grown to be a leading provider of Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI) insights, solutions, consulting, and training.  But our work with data to support our customers started in 1981 with Atre International Consultants, Inc. which was acquired by Price Waterhouse Coopers through Computer Assistance, Inc.  Shaku Atre is widely recognized as a thought leader in information management,  in Big Data and the BI space.  She is widely published, having authored 6 books and over 500 articles in trade publications and regularly speaks at conferences throughout the world.

Please review Big Data FAQs, Data Storytelling FAQsBusiness Intelligence FAQs and our Data Warehousing FAQs and provide any questions you may have.