Atre Group teams with its customers to assist them in improving their business performance through more effective data management. By leveraging its proven methodologies, best practices, unsurpassed skills and deep expertise, customers achieve rapid success in creating and deploying their Information Quality Management and Business Intelligence strategy by implementing:
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Business Performance Metrics
  • Operational Data Stores (ODS)
  • Departmental Data Marts
  • Data Architecture
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW)
  • Operational Analytics
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Governance (DG)
  • BI Program Guidance/Quality Assurance
  • Real time Data Integration
  • Information Delivery to Internal and External Users
What's New
Rome, Italy, April 20-21 &
April 22-23, 2015

Seminars conducted by Shaku Atre
  • Dashboard: Is it the new face of Operational Intelligence?

  • Big Data: Ten Golden Rules to Plan, Design, Implement & Manage

Viera Adriana Crout
Retired CIO Ford Foundation

Shaku: «You explained the need for delivering "actionable" information in organizations to "the right people, at the right time and at a right cost" . Your dashboard concept is a simple, but a very powerful one to do just that.

People who did not attend your session will be able to read about it , but what they truly missed is your colorful delivery and the way you maintained the audience attention.»

Alexis A. Kazarian
Client Services Manager, Raymond James

Shaku: «Both my manager and I attended the dashboard seminar to hear Shaku speak. Shaku's speaking is dynamic and engaging as she has the ability to make complex ideas understandable with her combination of knowledge, insight and humor. Shaku has uniquely turned her concept of the dashboard into function which ultimately translates into profit for organizations. She has a global point of view which is important, as she points out, in our multicultural world, to pay particular attention to your customer's needs and familiarities. I admire her tremendously.»

Chris Hinman
VP, Business Analysis, A very well-known Brokerage Company Worldwide

Shaku: «Thanks for the wonderful presentation you gave yesterday in New York. It was very informative and you are certainly an excellent presenter. I loved the way you kept everyone engaged and rephrased/corrected peoples questions so everyone could hear/understand them.

I'm taking you up on your offer to get a copy of the presentation. No rush but would like to have it for my "Best Practices" folder I keep.»

Inna Dashevsky
Software Engineer, MMH

Shaku: «I really enjoyed your presentation 'How's Business? Ask Your Dashboard!' I found it very well organized and presented dynamically with memorable real-life examples. You explained why measuring and monitoring KPIs is important for successful business, how decisions should be made on which measurements are most important for business to know and the role of dashboards in providing this information. I found particularly informative your presentation of different types of users whose business needs are served by different types of dashboards that are built on different layers of data. Again, thanks a lot - it was very informative and well-structured presentation.»

John Procyk
Systems Analysis and Development Specialist, A very well-known Insurance Company

Shaku: «I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday "Designing and Implementing Effective Dashboards." In fact I ordered your book on Amazon when I got home last night (it's worth having a hard copy of this one, not a Kindle edition) and I'll be looking for your new book.

Could you please send a copy of the presentation slides? There was a lot of concentrated information that I wanted to bring back.»

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