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Data Story Telling Event at Dublin, Ireland

What are the main differences between humans and other species? We cook, clothe ourselves, and tell stories. For generations, we have been telling stories which invoke emotions with words. Why should it be different when we tell stories using data?  Story telling is a cornerstone of being human.

Big data is a colossal amount of data arriving at a dizzying speed. It is ferocious in its volume and its velocity. It is a story begging to be told to anybody willing to listen.

10 Skills To Get the Best of Big Data

Big Data technology is new to most organizations, as is the awareness of the skills needed to get the best out of Big Data. A belief that one can develop these skills overnight is wishful thinking. The main purpose of Big Data is to be able to look at data in new ways so that accurate predictions are made. Enterprises have to decide whether to hire new talent for Big Data or to infuse existing data management talent with new skills – or maybe a little bit of both.

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